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Our Math Tutors always emphasize positive thinking, personal growth, and the unique learning journey of each student. There’s no telling how far your child can go with a little extra support!

Eazy Steps To Get Started

1. Request

Take a few minutes to fill out a form requesting your free session. We will reach out to you within 24 hours with a link you can use to book your session.

2. Free Session

Your first session is a free consultation and mini-lesson in one. You and your child meet your Math Tutor using online conferencing, discuss learning goals, and dive into a lesson.

3. Keep On It

For each follow-up tutoring session, your child will continue to learn with their Math Tutor. Your Math Tutor will send notes on your child's progress.

Study at Your Own Pace

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Why Choose Us?

Our flexible 1-on-1 online learning is fun and effective. We cater for children from Grade 1 through Grade 9.

Best Industry Tutors

We have trained and certified tutors with loads of teaching experience.  

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Continue to learn together and build upon the foundation of each lesson.


Earn a certificate from B's Eazy Math upon completion 

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B's Eazy Math Tutorials offers fun and interactive online math lessons to children between the ages of 7 to 14.

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